Newsletter Vol. 4

Happy 2013!

We hope you’re having a great start to the new year. We’ve been busy getting Winclone 3.7 and Boot Runner 1.2 ready, and we are really excited about a brand new Boot Runner video. Fans of “Lost” may see a subtle homage to a particular story arc from the television series!

Winclone 3.7 Released

We’ve just released a new update to Winclone with some enhancements, language support for French and minor bug fixes. To update Winclone to the latest version, click the Winclone drop-down menu and select Check for Updates. New in Winclone 3.7 is the ability to view both the partition size and file system size when the the two are different sizes, making it easy to see if the file system needs to be expanded.

Boot Runner 1.2 Released

Boot Runner 1.2 is out now with new support for the French language and minor bug fixes. To update Boot Runner to the latest version, please request a download link here. You will need to enter the email address used for the original purchase and a download link will be sent to that email address.

Running Boot Camp on larger than 2.2 TB hard drives

Apple doesn’t yet support running Boot Camp on hard drives that go beyond the 2.2 TB limit. However, with careful attention to the sequence of partitions on the drive, it is possible to use the larger drivers. Learn more about it here.

Sysprep for Migrating Boot Camp

Migrating the Boot Camp partition from one Mac to another can seem daunting, but with Sysprep, most of the hazards related to mismatched device drivers can be avoided. We’ve blogged about it here and a walk-through of the migration process here.

Winclone and Windows XP file format

The Windows standard file format has been NTFS since the release of Vista. Windows XP was the current operating system during the transition, so can be configured as either FAT32 or NTFS. Many Boot Camp users running XP find it convenient to run in FAT32 mode since files can be moved back and forth between OS X and Windows. However, Winclone does not support imaging FAT32 Boot Camp partitions, so the format must first be converted to NTFS. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a built-in utility called Convert to accomplish this task. Read more about it here.

Twocanoes First Anniversary Celebration

On January 22, 2013, Twocanoes will be one year old and we want to give a big thanks to our customers who have made it a fantastic first year!