Newsletter Vol. 5

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Introducing the powerful new maintenance scheduler

Boot Runner is a complete dual-boot startup solution to manage your boot volume selection process.  The new maintenance feature brings additional power to scheduling Boot Runner to facilitate system updates and other remote maintenance tasks.  

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With feedback from several customers, we've added a powerful new administration tool in Boot Runner 1.3.   More than simply a boot selection solution, Boot Runner puts network policy-based startup control in the hands of administrators to manage boot state remotely. Our new maintenance feature takes boot state control to a new level.  

Boot Runner solved a chronic problem for one of our customers who needed a large number of dual-boot Macs to receive updates and anti-virus definitions on a routine 2AM schedule.  Without manageable startup control, these systems fell out of compliance with required security standards.  Prior to implementing Boot Runner's maintenance feature, all dual-boot systems were manually prepared by staff after-hours, incurring additional expense. Boot Runner saved the enterprise money, increased reliability of system updates and now maintains full security compliance for their entire dual-boot Mac enterprise.

For more information on how one institution solved their security and maintenance problems with Boot Runner, please check out the Cal Poly case study at Twocanoes Software.

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