Newsletter Vol. 7

Twocanoes Labs

Introducing Geohopper Beacons

Geohopper Beacons

We just released Geohopper Beacons, a new bundle of beacon goodness available on the Twocanoes Store and the Amazon Store. Geohopper Beacons bring a whole new level of automatic notifications to your life.

First, install a Geohopper Beacon in your home, office, or even your car. Then, set up the beacon with the new Geohopper 2.0, and start notifying friends and family when you are near the beacon. Let your spouse know when you leave the office, notify your next appointment when you get to your car, or tell your parents that you arrived home safely. The possibilities are endless. And Geohopper Beacons make it easy. Head over to the store to get a beacon and download the free Geohopper 2.0 update.

Buy Geohopper beacons today and get 10% off using the “GEOHOP4U” at checkout.

Want to see it in action?

Watch our Quick Setup video to see how Sarah used a Geohopper Beacon to send an automatic notification to her dad when she left the office.

Setting up a Geohopper Beacon with Geohopper 2.0 from Twocanoes Software & Labs on Vimeo.