Positioning Beacons

A beacon is a small device that broadcasts identifiers over Bluetooth. It may seem very simple to just stick a beacon wherever is the most convenient, it is important to consider the best location when installing a beacon.

First, beacons broadcast using radio waves, and are affected by objects that are between the user’s phone and the beacon. Human bodies can absorb the bluetooth signal as well, and can affect the range of the beacon. When placing beacons, make sure to test range not just in an empty room, but when the room is full of people and has a normal amount of activity. Consider placing the beacon up higher so that there is less bodies been the beacon and the phone.

Different materials can also affect the range and signal strength, so a beacon installed out in the open will have a different range that a beacon installed in the back of a cabinet. It is important to test the signal strength and range after installation to makes sure your solution behaves as you would expect.

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