Press Release

SSL Detective: Investigate SSL/TLS Certificates and Certificate Chains

Naperville, Illinois – Twocanoes Software is proud to release SSL Detective.

SSL Detective is a great tool for investigating SSL/TLS certificates and certificate chains. SSL Detective loads and displays SSL certificates and verifies SSL certificate chains in a easy to browse format. The SSL certificate chains can also be e-mailed to use or review on other systems.

SSL Detective uses the standard iPhone and iPad protocols to download and evaluate certificates and certificate chains to easily probe and troubleshoot certificate issues and resolve them quickly. SSL Detective is the perfect tool for troubleshooting SSL or TLS issues when connecting an iPhone or iPad to a web server, VPN (Virtual Private Network) server, mail server, MDM (Mobile Device Management) server, or any SSL/TLS enabled server.

When an iPhone or iPad has a certificate error, only a portion of the server certificate may be displayed and it usually does not show the entire certificate or the certificate chain. Some apps will fail silently due to SSL/TLS error, or may log data to the system log. SSL Detective fills in the missing piece by being able to view the full certificate and the certificate chain when attempting to resolve any issues. SSL Detective can also email the entire certificate chain right from the App, making it easy to troubleshoot the certificates on other systems.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are used to encrypt network traffic and verify that data has not been modified during transit. In order to have a successful SSL/TLS connection without warnings or failures,the certificate on the server must be valid and trusted.

SSL Detective requires an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or greater and an internet connection.

* Connects to any SSL or TLS enabled network port
* Resolves the entire certificate chain and displays all the certificates
* Displays attributes associated with all certificates in the chain
* Common issues with certificate trust and certificate attributes are identified and highlighted
* Works on both iPad and iPhone
* View and troubleshoot connections for SSL VPN, MDM Server, Web Servers, LDAP, or any other service that uses SSL / TLS
* Email the certificate chain for deployment or troubleshooting