Press Release

Twocanoes Software Announces the Release of Winclone 4.1

Naperville, Illinois – Twocanoes Software has announced the release of Winclone 4.1.

Twocanoes Software has released an update to Winclone 4 featuring package creation for easy Boot Camp installation. Apple’s Boot Camp makes it possible to run Windows operating systems on Mac hardware. Winclone creates an exact copy of the Windows Boot Camp partition for quick recovery or migration to another Mac. Winclone 4 features real PC migration to Boot Camp, network migration and disk-to-disk cloning. Winclone Pro 4.1 brings new flexibility and power to install Boot Camp from a self-contained package.

“We are very excited about the package install feature of Winclone Pro,” says Timothy Perfitt, founder of Twocanoes Software. “The ability to install Boot Camp in one easy step is extremely flexible and powerful.”

Twocanoes offers a support package that includes two years of technical support and maintenance, including access to priority technical support and all minor and major upgrades.

Winclone 4 Feature Highlights:
* Real PC migration to Boot Camp
* Network Boot Camp migration
* Share Winclone images on the network
* Create a self-contained Boot Camp installer package (Winclone Pro)
* Optimized for faster imaging and restoring
* Improved interface for easier navigation
* Full integration with major deployment tools
* Transfer, resize, and restore Microsoft Windows Boot Camp partition files in OS X
* Monitor file status and errors during image creation
* Save time…no more Windows re-installs
* Consolidate disk space
* Migrate Windows Boot Camp partitions to other computers with ease

Winclone System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
* Windows 7 or higher
* Boot Camp Partition