Press Release

Winclone 4 Released

Naperville, Illinois – Winclone 4 introduces exciting new features to make Boot Camp cloning faster and more flexible than ever. Winclone creates an exact snapshot of Boot Camp. Restoring Boot Camp is simple, fast and reliable. One-click operation captures and restores an exact snapshot of your Windows system, putting you back in the game when disaster strikes. No more reinstalling Windows and programs, recreating accounts or restoring documents and settings. Winclone 4 includes the ability to migrate a real PC system to Boot Camp, migrate over the network from one Boot Camp partition directly to another and share Winclone images with other Macs on the network.

“We are very excited about this latest version of Winclone,” says Timothy Perfitt, founder of Twocanoes Software. “Winclone 4 does what seems like magic – migrate a physical PC to the Mac. People new to the Mac who need Windows can now have the best of both worlds using Winclone 4. Along with the speed increases and the network migration options, we think people are going to love Winclone 4.”

Twocanoes offers a support package that includes two years of technical support and maintenance, including access to priority technical support and all minor and major upgrades.

Winclone 4 Feature Highlights:
* Real PC migration to Boot Camp
* Network Boot Camp migration
* Share Winclone images on the network
* Optimized for faster imaging and restoring
* Improved interface for easier navigation
* Full integration with major deployment tools
* Transfer, resize, and restore Microsoft Windows Boot Camp partition files in OS X
* Monitor file status and errors during image creation
* Save time…no more Windows re-installs
* Consolidate disk space
* Migrate Windows Boot Camp partitions to other computers with ease

Winclone System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
* Windows 7 or higher
* Boot Camp Partition

Winclone Pricing and Availability:
Winclone 4 is $29.99 (USD) for an Individual License (up to two computers), $99.99 for the Pro Version (unlimited computers by a single administrator), and $499.99 for a Site License (unlimited computers by any employee or contractor). Winclone Pro with Support and Winclone Site License with Support are also available. All software editions are available through the Twocanoes website.