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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What version of iOS do I need to run the Guest Pass app?
    Guest Pass requires iOS 7 to run.
  • What devices can I send a Guest Pass to?
    You can send a Guest Pass to any device running iOS 5+ or OS X 10.7+. (Note that only iOS 6+ or OS X 10.9+ will automatically remove profiles when they expire.)
  • Why can’t I share a Guest Pass with iMessage or AirDrop?
    The Configuration Profile datatype from Apple only has a MIME type. That MIME type is only recognized by Mail or Safari. Transferring the Guest Pass with any other method currently results in the user receiving a raw XML file. If Apple broadens support for Configuration Profile handling we will support more options. Please file a bug with Apple to request support for Configuration Profile to handle additional data types.‎
  • Why do my Guest Passes say they are untrusted?
    Twocanoes Software is unable to provide a private key with the app for signing. Future releases may allow you to import your own signing certificate for use with Guest Pass.
  • Can I issue a permanent Guest Pass?
    To issue a “permanent” Guest Pass you can just set a distant expiry date. Many solutions already exist for creating non-expiring Configuration Profiles, but a future release may add support for this feature.
  • How are the history and pass data saved on my iOS device?
    Any data, even temporary files, written to disk are encrypted by the highest level of iOS Data Protection.
  • Is there an iPad version of Guest Pass?
  • Not yet, an iPad specific UI is planned.Is there a Mac version of Guest Pass?
    Not yet, a Mac version of Guest Pass is planned.
  • What wireless routers and access points are supported?
    Any access point to which an iOS device can connect will work, not limited to just Apple Airport devices.