SD Clone Version History

Current Beta

No beta at this time. Current version is 3.2. Please check back.

Change Log:

SD Clone_Build-14465_Version-3.2

Released 2019-10-24

Added macOS notarization

SD Clone_Build-14432_Version-3.1.2

Fixed issue affecting product trials

SD Clone_Build-14369_Version-3.1.1

  1. Reduced prompting for permissions
  2. Added support for different compressed image types: .zip, .gz, .xz, .bz, .Z
  3. Support for offline licenses
  4. Various minor bug fixes

SD Clone_Build-13204_Version-3.0.3

MacOS Mojave 10.14 Compatibility

SD Clone_Build-12792_Version-3.0.2

  1. MacOS High Sierra 10.13 Compatibility
  2. Removed in-app purchases

SD Clone 3.0.1

Bug fixes

SD Clone 3.0

  1. Download Raspberry Pi images from Image Central
  2. Verify SD cards
  3. Shrink file system for cloning to small SD cards
  4. Save and restore disk images
  5. Bug fixes

SD Clone 2.2.2

Bug fixes

SD Clone 2.2.1

  1. MacOS 10.12 Sierra compatibility
  2. Bug fixes

SD Clone 2.2

  1. Fastest, easiest and most reliable way to clone SD cards.
  2. Supports up to 8 concurrent SD card cloning operations at blazing speed.
  3. Shrink or expand SD card file system for cloning to larger or smaller cards.
  4. Clone from many sources: SD Card, disk image, compressed disk image.
  5. Clone to SD cards of mixed capacities and vendors simultaneously.