Support Document: Restore a Winclone Image to a Disk Image to Verify Image

Restore a Winclone Image to a Disk Image to Verify Image

Open Disk Utility to Create a Disk Image

Open Disk Utility in you Utilities folder.

Create a blank disk image

Under the File menu, select New->Blank Disk Image

Image Options

Give the image a name and a location where to save it. You must select the Image Format first, and set it to sparse bundle disk image. Sparse bundle disk images grow as data is saved to them, so they do not require much space when you first create them, and will only grow to the size of the used space in the Winclone image (not the partition size).

1. Select the image format of Sparse Bundle Disk Image
2. Select a GUID Partition map. Winclone expects any disk that it restores to have a GUID partition map.
3. Set the format to MS-DOS (FAT). Winclone will not see images formatted as HFS+, so you must format as MS-DOS (FAT).
4. The size needs to be greater than the size of the Windows filessytem (this is the value that shows up under the name of the image in Winclone).
5. The Name will be volume name, and will be changed to the source name when the file system is restored.

Click Create to create the image and mount it.

Restore the image using Winclone

Once the disk image is created, it will be available as a destination for restoration. Restore to it as you would your bootcamp partition.


Once the restore is complete, you can open the volume in the Finder and copy files off of it.