Oh my. When I enter and exit a location with geohopper, my Internet bunny does this. Now I just need add a feature in the app for the karotz API keys and tag support.

Using Geohopper to notify enter and exit events via telephone

tperfitt: Start up Geohopper and drop a pin Set it up to self notify Get the RSS feed URL Go to ifttt.com and set up a recipe. Trigger on RSS Feeds. Paste in the RSS feed from Geohopper: Have it call your phone: Say something snappy: Create the Recipe: Do a test on the location…


tperfitt: I don’t know why this pleases me so, but every time someone that I’ve connected with on Geohopper enters or leaves a location, my giant flashing light on my desks goes off.

Geohopper goes to the coffee shop

tperfitt: Geohopper goes to the coffee shop. from Twocanoes Software on Vimeo. A quick look at Geohopper and how to get it to notify your friends that you are out and about. (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)