Top Features of Winclone 6


We have been working on Winclone 6 for a while now, and have packed it with some great features that make it really easy to backup, clone, migrate and restore your Boot Camp partition.  I wanted to do a blog post and highlight some of the features that I think are really interesting.

Top Feature #1: Compatibility.  Winclone needs to be able to clone Windows to the widest arrange of Macs possible. Setting up your Boot Camp partition takes time and having to re-do that work when you get a new Mac can be time consuming.  Apple did some changes to how the new MacBook and MacBook Pros that required some changes in Winclone. Winclone 6 now fully supports migrating from older Macs to the new Macs.  You can ready all about the changes here if you are interested, but the key point is that you don’t have to think about it.  Just create an image and restore, and Windows boots.

Top Feature #2: In-App Features.  You can now see send a support request, see a tutorial video, or upgrade between Basic, Standard or Pro right in the app.  This means that you get the information you need to get done right away.

Top Feature #3: Read/Write Mounting of NTFS Volumes.  Sometimes you need to copy a file to the Windows volume before you boot into Windows.  You can now select a volume, select Mount Read/Write from the tools menu, and start copy files.

Top Feature #4: Restore to Disk Image.  One common requests we get is how do you know that the Boot Camp partition was cloned successfully?  You never really know unless you restore, and that what makes Disk Image restore so great.  You can restore directly to a disk image and verify that all your files were cloned correctly.  You can’t boot from the Disk Image, but you’ll know that the restore process works and you can see all your files.  It is also great for grabbing a few files from an image.

If you haven’t already check out  Winclone 6, do so now!  You can download, install and buy it right from in the app.