Using Signing Manager with Macs on AWS EC2

Signing Manager for macOS provides an ideal system for securing the code and package signing identities. Implement secure access to the identities with API keys, access controls, and auditing. Gain full control over iOS, macOS, watchOS, and iPadOS signing operations without disrupting the current workflow. Signing manager works great for developers, CI/CD servers, or for any size team that releases software on Apple hardware.

Amazon announced supports for EC2 Mac instances in the AWS cloud. Signing Manager is a great way to keep your code signing keys separate from your EC2 instances. The Macs in the AWS cloud still can use the built in signing tools in macOS, but Signing Manager allows the tools to do the signing operations externally.

If you are moving your CI/CD build servers to the AWS cloud, get in touch and see how Signing Manager can make it even easier and more secure.

Check out our product page for Signing Manager here.