Bleu Station: Admin Time and Operation Modes

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Bleu Stations have two distinct operation modes. This article explains these modes, and how the station moves between them.

Admin Mode: The Bleu Station is not acting as an iBeacon. It is available for connections and configuration. If you are using Bleu Setup, the station will appear in the list of available Stations.

Deployment Mode: The Bleu Station is acting as an iBeacon. The station is not connectible and cannot be reconfigured.

A Bleu Station starts up in Admin Mode. By default, it stays in Admin mode for 30 seconds. If you connect and authenticate within that 30 seconds, you canstay connected for any amount of time. If you connect but do not authenticate, you will be disconnected after the 30 seconds expires.

You can change the default 30 secondtime by editing the Admin Time property using Bleu Setup. The admin time is the number of seconds the Bleu Station will stay in Admin Mode on startup. You can use Bleu Setup to change it from 10 to 255 (4:15).

Once a station has moved to Deployment Mode, the only way to return to Admin Mode is to power cycle the station.