Bleu Station Reset Procedure

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When trying to configure the Bleu Station using Bleu Setup, an error may occur where 1) the message appears Authentication failed or device disconnected unexpectedly, 2) the name, UUID, Major and Minor fields are not editable, or 3) both.

You can reset the Bleu Station back to factory defaults with the methods below. Once reset, the Bleu Station can be configured and will retain the settings until they are changed in Bleu Setup or reset again. Resetting the device also resets the default password to qwerty123.

Remove the Pairing on the Device

First, remove Bluetooth pairing to the Bleu Station from the iOS Settings app:

Settings -> Bluetooth -> Devices.

Tapthe i button next to the paired Bleu Station and select Forget this device. If the Bleu Station had not yet been successfully paired, there will be no pairing instance to remove. Close the Settings app.

Restart your iOS device.

Reset the Bleu Station

Bleu Station 200 Series beacon is equipped witha reset button located on the back side of the beacon in the upper area. The beacon must be powered on for the reset to take effect. Using a paperclip or pin, press the reset button gently until the LED flashes alternating red and blue, then release from the reset button and disconnectfrom power. Apply power to the beaconand the beacon will now be set todefault settings.

The Series 100 Bleu Station beacon requires a manual resetbyapplying power on and off to the device four times in succession. Start by removing the Bleu Station from power.

  1. Plug in to a power source for 6seconds
  2. Removepower
  3. Plug in for 6seconds
  4. Removepower
  5. Plug in for 6seconds
  6. Removepower
  7. Plug in and leave connected.

The unit should now be reset to factory defaults and can be paired again using Bleu Setup.