Capturing Smart Card Utility Logs on iPhone and iPad

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Smart Card Utility can log the interaction between a device and a smart card reader. These logs can be very useful for troubleshooting. Below are the steps of how to capture logs with Smart Card Utility on iOS.

Starting with a clean slate.

It is best to reset Smart Card Utility to a default position before Log Capturing to avoid unnecessary variables.

  1. Delete any currently inserted certificates from the main page of Smart Card Utility. Swipe left on the certificate until Delete appears. Then tap Delete.
  1. Tap on the Gear in the lower-right corner of Smart Card Utility to open the Settings Menu.
  1. Make sure no former logging data is stored by tapping on Show Log.
  1. If there is any existing Log Data, then tap Clear. If not, just hit back.
  1. On the Settings Menu, tap Reset All Settings.
  1. Toggle on Logging on the right edge of the Settings Menu.
  1. Lastly, force close Smart Card Utility.

Now we are ready to run a Log Capture

  • Reopen Smart Card Utility.
  • Complete the initial prompts and allow access to Smart Card Utility.
  • Connect the reader to Smart Card Utility and reinsert the 9a Certificate.
  • If 9a insertion is successful, attempt to log into a website or portal.
  • Reach the point of failure and return to the Smart Card Utility Settings Menu.
  • Tap Show Log to view the captured interactions.
  • Lastly, tap Share. Save the Captured-Log to your device and email it to Twocanoes for review.