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Reinserting a Certificate in Smart Card Utility

September 27, 2023

When issued a new CAC/PIV card, the old 9a certificate must be removed from Smart Card Utility, and then the 9a certificate from the new …

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How Government Account and Device Restrictions Effect Smart Card Utility

June 22, 2023

Depending on your organization or military branch, you may have restrictions that affect your ability to access resources with certain methods. Account Restrictions System Administrators …

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Using Smart Card Authentication with Citrix Workspace on iPhone and iPad

April 20, 2023

By using Smart Card Utility with either Twocanoes’ USB-C or Lightning reader, users can now access a Citrix Workspace and use a CAC/PIV within it. …

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Reader Compatibility

April 6, 2023

Below is a chart showing Twocanoes’ Readers and which devices and OS versions they are compatible with. Compatibility Chart Device Bluetooth Reader(wired and wireless) USB-C …

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Using Smart Card Utility to Change and Verify your CAC PIN

March 15, 2023

Smart Card Utility can to change and verify a CAC PIN on both iOS devices and Macs. This guide will explain the steps to do …

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Smart Card Authentication for Teams and Outlook on iOS

March 1, 2023

To authenticate to Teams and Outlook apps In Office 365 on iOS, Microsoft Authenticator can be used for smart card authentication if your organization allows …

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Understanding When Smart Card Utility Must Be Opened

January 26, 2023

Launching Smart Card Utility is unnecessary each time an iOS device is restarted or when authenticating with a CAC. Smart Card Utility registers an extension …

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How to clear cache on your iPhone or iPad in Safari

January 11, 2023

Why you might need to clear your cache When you go to a DOD classified website, the website will ping the Safari browser for a …

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Identifying CAC Make

December 31, 2022

CAC Manufacturers Five separate companies produce CACs for the U.S. Government. Each company uses a different language and voltage for its cards. These differences can …

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Why you might need to remove the 9a Authentication Certificate

December 19, 2022

UPDATE! Never version of this article can be found HERE. Most Common Reason: Using the Bluetooth Reader with a different iOS device. Many users who …

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