Changing the Coverage Area

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Depending on your situation, the coverage area of single Bleu Station may be too large, and interfere with nearby beacons. Alternatively, it may be too small, and generate “exit” events before you have left the area the beacon is supposed to define.Here are some steps you can take to change the area covered by the Bleu Station.

Adjust the Power

By default, a Bleu Station comes with the power turned all the way up. This gives you the largest coverage area possible with a single beacon. Ifyou want a smaller coverage area, you can use Bleu Setup to adjust the power.

Add More Beacons

If you want a coverage area larger than what is possible with a single beacon, you can add additional beacons to extend the area. A beacon area is defined by three things:

  1. A UUID
  2. A Major number
  3. A Minor number

If you have two beacon that have identical UUID, Major, and Minor, then they are considered the same area.If you slightly overlap the coverage area of their Bluetoothbroadcast, you have a single area which is larger than what is possible with a single beacon.

If you have configured your Bleu Station with Geohopper, the details of UUID, Major, and Minor were hidden from you. You have to use Bleu Setup to set a custom configuration sothe beacon information matches.

  1. Use Geohopper to set up a Bleu Station.
  2. Use Bleu Setup to read the UUID, Major, and Minor set by Geohopper in step 1. Make note of these settings.
  3. Use Bleu Setup to connect to a second beacon.
  4. Enter the UUID, Major, and Minor you have copied down from step 2.
  5. If desired, you can make the area even larger with additional beacons.