Connection Issues with Bleu Setup

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If you are experiencing errors while trying to configure a Bleu Station, you may be experiencing a problem with the Bluetooth pairing. Steps to fix this can be found in the article, Bleu Station Reset Procedure.

Symptoms include either of the following error messages:

There was a problem connecting to the station. You may need to restart the station and try again.

Bleu Setup was unable to pair with the station. If you have reset the station, or if you have updated the firmware, you need to remove the Bluetooth Pairing in the iOS Settings app. You can view the current settings without authenticating, but you cannot make changes.

Bleu Station use the Bluetooth pairing mechanism to establish a secure connection before sending the password. The most common connection problem is caused by a broken Bluetooth pairing. This pairing can be broken in a couple of ways:

  • The Bleu Station is reset, or the firmware is updated.
  • The iOS device is reset, or the Bluetooth pairing is manually removed.

If you perform any step from the first bullet point, you must perform one of the steps from the second bullet point. Failure to do will make the pairing fail. When the pairing fails, you can read the settings, but you can’t authenticate and make changes.

In this situation, the most reliable way to fix it is to go through the steps to remove the pairing on both devices. Step by step instructions for resetting your iPhone and the Bleu Station are in the article: Bleu Station Reset Procedure.