How do I configure my Geohopper Beacon?

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First, install Geohopper 2.0 for iOS from the App Store, then register your iOS device with the Geohopper Network.

Then in the Geohopper Locations tab, tap New in the upper right corner and select Beacon for location type. Grab your Geohopper Beacon, attach to the USB power supply provided and plug into a power outlet.

Your Geohopper Beacon should appear in a list of Bleu Station Beacons in the Geohopper app. Select the beacon and auto configuration will begin. Tap to accept the pairing request, then enter a name for your beacon. Below the Beacon Name field, add the email addresses of people you would like to be sent a notification when you enter or exit the beacon location.

Once these steps are complete, your newly-configured Geohopper Beacon will appear in the Geohopper Locations panel. Tap on the beacon torename the beacon, add or remove recipients in the Connections panel and select other services to notify.