Import Beacons into Geohopper

Geohopper can trigger alerts when in proximity to a beacon.  Beacons broadcast UUID, major and minor number.  With these three bits of information it becomes trivial to import one or many beacons with one tap on a URL.  Create the URL using the format below, paste the URLs into an email or other shared document accessible from…


Geohopper Beacon User Guide

Introduction Thanks for purchasing the Geohopper Beacon! We hope that you find using your beacon and Geohopper to be a useful tool for notify friends and family when arriving and departing locations. This user guide covers how to set up your Geohopper beacon and some basic troubleshooting. Download Geohopper Prior to setting up your Geohopper…


Setting up a Status Board with Geohopper

Geohopper 2.0.4 introduced a great new feature: Status Board. Geohopper is an app that alerts you when your Geohopper connection enters or leaves a location they define with a Geofence or Beacon, and now we take that to the next level by providing a status board of everyones last enter or exit event. This is…


How do I configure my Geohopper Beacon?

First, install Geohopper 2.0 for iOS from the App Store, then register your iOS device with the Geohopper Network. Then in the Geohopper Locations tab, tap New in the upper right corner and select Beacon for location type. Grab your Geohopper Beacon, attach to the USB power supply provided and plug into a power outlet….


Adding Geohopper Beacon

To add a location to Geohopper, open Geohopper. On the Home screen, press New on the top right hand corner of the screen. Select Beacon. Geohopper will prompt you to plug in your beacon to start configuring. Next, plug your Beacon into a power source. Geohopper will recognize yourBeacon and display the name “Beacon” in…


Why is Geohopper asking for for access to my phone Contacts?

Geohopper asks for access to your iOS device Contacts for the convenience of selecting an existing email address from your Contacts when adding a new Connection. When creating the first Connection, Geohopper will request access to your iOS device’s Contacts. A dialog box will prompt you to select to allow or to not allow access…


Is Geohopper tracking my location?

No, Geohopper does not track location coordinates. Geohopper’s event messages contain only the name you create (home, school, work, grocery store, etc) when sending notifications. Only the recipients you select will receive your event messages. We made a conscious decision to make Geohopper extremely secure without sacrificing convenience.

How can I rename or remove a Pin?

New pins display the street address for that location by default. To create a custom name, tap the circled “i” on the right side of the pin’s banner to open the settings panel. Tap in the name field to change the name and save. To delete a pin, tap it on the map and a…


Will Geohopper work with my device turned off?

No, your iOS device needs to be turned on to detect your enter and exit events. Geohopper runs in the background, so it works even while the device is in your pocket. In order to preserve battery life, Geohopper activates Location Services only when the map view is open.