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Geohopper can trigger alerts when in proximity to a beacon.  Beacons broadcast UUID, major and minor number.  With these three bits of information it becomes trivial to import one or many beacons with one tap on a URL.  Create the URL using the format below, paste the URLs into an email or other shared document accessible from the iOS device.  From the iOS device where Geohopper is installed, tap on the URL in the email or document to import into Geohopper’s Locations list.  

Use the beacon identifier information for parts of the URL in upper case (BEACONNAME, UUID, MAJORNUMBER and MINORNUMBER). 


 For example:


Import multiple beacons with one extended URL string. For example:


Tapping the URL will open Geohopper and import the beacon identifier in one action.



If this article isn’t exactly what you are looking for, try Manually configure Geohopper with 3rd party beacons.