Network Ports used by MDS

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MDS uses network ports for various communications. In order for certain features to function, the network ports shown below must be accessible.

MicroMDMTCP80,8443ConfigurablePort 80 is only used to enforce a redirect from 80 -> 8443 on the web server
Serve Images over HTTPTCP8088+ConfigurableStatic webserver for mounting images from recovery. Content usually should be served via HTTP due to lack of HTTPS support in macOS Recovery.
MunkiTCP4443ConfigurableUsed by Munki clients to contact Munki Server hosted by MDS.
MunkiReportTCP8081ConfigurableUsed by MunkiReport clients to contact MunkiReport Server hosted by MDS.
Imagr Remote LoggingTCP8080NoUsed by Imagr when running workflows to post status back to MDS on workflow progress.