Smart Card Utility Verified Websites

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We are attempting to create a directory of government websites for service members and government employees to be able to reference when they have questions about our CAC reader. At the moment we rely on feedback from service members to let us know which portals work with our reader and which do not. If you have any information you could add please let us know. Below is the information we have gathered so far.

Websites reported to work

  • MyPay (Government Pay Website)
  • DTS (Defense Travel System)
  • JKO (Joint Knowledge Online)
  • Tricare (Military Health Coverage)
  • Trusted Traveler (Government Travel)
  • OWA in safari browser
  • Most of O365 Apps but not Outlook or Teams (see below for Teams)

Army Portals

  • Ippa-s (Integrated Personnel and Pay System ‐ Army)
  • iPerms (Primary Records Center)
  • HRC (Army Human Resources Command)
  • ALMS: Some minor issues reported with watching videos

Air Force Portals

Navy Portals

  • FLTMPS (Fleet Training. Management and. Planning System)

Portals reported with partial function

Unverified Websites


  • EMAS-A (Enterprise Access Management Service-Army)

Air Force


Marine Corps