To test Smart Card Utility with the Feitian Reader, please follow the instructions below:

  1. On an iOS device, install Smart Card Utility from testflight to make sure you have the most recent build:
  2. On first launch of Smart Card Utility, allow Notifications. Local notifications are used in other apps during authentication to notify you of status like PIN failure or successful notification.
  3. When Smart Card Utility is open, tap “Scan” and select Feitian Reader.
  4. Turn on the Feitian Reader by pressing power button on the bottom of the reader. A blue LED should turn on.
  5. Insert your smart card in the reader. An amber light should turn on when the card is inserted.
  6. Select the reader in Smart Card Utility from the list shown. If it does not show up in the list, click Refresh. Verify bluetooth is turned on if it still does not show in the list.
  7. If the reader and card are detected, the certificates on the smart card are shown. Click insert next to the certificates you want to use for authentication (typically the PIV Authentication slot).
  8. Once inserted, open Safari and navigate to a PIV enabled website. A PIN prompt should be shown. This is shown because of the inserted certificate and is not communicate with the reader yet.
  9. Note that the reader turns off to fully disconnect from the Smart Card Utility app. Turn the reader back on.
  10. Enter in your PIN and tap OK.

The website should now be shown. If the authentication is not successful, try the following steps:

  1. Toggle bluetooth on and off on the iOS device. Note that pairing in Settings is not required and is not available.
  2. Verify the reader is on when the PIN prompt is showing.
  3. If the certificates are not shown, tap the Log button to see what the issue may be. Share the log with to help resolve the issue.
  4. Open Console on a Mac and click on the iOS device to show the logs. Filter on “subsystem:com.twocanoes.logger” as shown in the screenshot below: