Geohopper RSS Feed Screen Saver

Geohopper RSS Feed Screen Saver

As Tim puts the finishing touches on Geohopper, we’ve been testing various ways that Geohopper can talk to other well-established services on the internet. One that I’ve found surprisingly useful, despite the potentially low “wow” factor is the RSS feed screen saver. RSS feeds are nothing new and are the basis for many of the news aggregators that most of us read daily without even knowing about how the aggregating is done.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, a standard XML format that allows the syndication of text, video, photos, (content, in other words) across multiple sites. In the pre-Internet era, syndication of news and entertainment was the way content was distributed from national production companies to local affiliate stations around the country. RSS format is now an accepted standard and the primary way many people now receive their daily news. A multitude of RSS reader services and dedicated apps are available for us to cobble together a virtual newspaper tailor-made just for us.

But you know all that. What does this have to do with Geohopper? It means that events sent out by friends and family to my Geohopper app can arrive in the form of an RSS feed, so rather than check my iPhone for notification events, my Mac’s RSS screen saver keeps me current on events that people are sharing with me.

If all goes well, Geohopper will be out in the world (via the App Store) very soon. Check geohopper.com for the latest updates or drop us a line at geohopper@twocanoes.com.