Using Beacons For Home Automation with Indigo

Geohopper has two very useful features: it can easily set up and detect micro-location zones using bluetooth beacons, and it can call webhooks to connect with other services.  In this post I will look at how these two features come together to connect with a home automation app called Indigo. Indigo is an app that…


iBeacon Statusboard

Setting up a statusboard to automatically show when people enter or exit a building or room is a great small project and is easy to do with our beacons, a Raspberry Pi, and Geohopper. It would be great for an In/Out board, Meeting or Event Attendance, Time Cards, Personnel Availability, or other ways you can…


A New Era of Proximity in Mobility

Macworld 2014 in San Francisco was nothing short of a great time and the interest in beacon-related technology was inspiring. While there were a few people that stopped by our Twocanoes booth that had not heard of iBeacons before the conference, most attendees already established ideas about how iBeacons could be used. They were excited…


10 awesome things you can do today with iBeacons

Beacons have been getting a lot of press lately about how they are going to transform retail, but iBeacons are much more than that. You can use them for a bunch of cool stuff with your iPhone, your Mac, and a couple of iBeacons. First, a bit of background. iBeacons are Bluetooth devices that broadcast…


Bleu Stations, Geohopper for iOS and Mac,, and more

Today is a big day at twocanoes. We are releasing six new or updated projects to support our efforts around proximity. The biggest news is our iBeacon hardware, Bleu Station. When adding in support for iBeacons to Geohopper for iOS so Geohopper can notify your friends and family when in the proximity of a beacon,…


Setting up a Geohopper notification

A quick video to show setting up a Geohopper notification when exiting a location. Tim shows how he sets up a trigger so his wife knows when he leaves the office. (Source:

Using geohopper to notify folks on my way into Chicago.

Geohopper RSS Feed Screen Saver

Geohopper RSS Feed Screen Saver As Tim puts the finishing touches on Geohopper, we’ve been testing various ways that Geohopper can talk to other well-established services on the internet. One that I’ve found surprisingly useful, despite the potentially low “wow” factor is the RSS feed screen saver. RSS feeds are nothing new and are the…