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Clone, Shrink and Verify SD Cards

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SD Clone is the ultimate tool for cloning SD Cards right on your Mac. Easily make backups of any data on SD Cards and easily restore them to other SD Cards. If you creating lots of SD Cards with the same data, SD Clone can write to multiple SD cards at once making it the fastest tool for preparing SD cards.

If you use SD cards in Raspberry Pi projects, SD Clone can shrink the file system to a minimum size. This speeds cloning and restoring.

SD Clone also can verify SD cards to detect counterfeit SD cards so you can trust the SD cards you already own.

SD Clone Features

Select a SD card as the source and clone to an image file. Or select an image file as the source and clone to a SD card.

Optimized for fast cloning on up to 8 SD cards simultaneously.

Shrink SD card file system to clone to smaller SD cards. Create an image of any SD card.

Verify Tool protects against counterfeit or bad SD card.

SD Clone runs on MacOS Mojave and supports the latest embedded operating systems and devices. Purchases include one year of technical support. Find out what’s new in SD Clone 3.

SD Clone in Action

Current Version: 3.2 (history)

User Guide


  • Clone images to SD cards
  • Save images of SD cards
  • Clone images to multiple SD cards simultaneously
  • Download and clone Raspberry Pi images to SD cards
  • Verify SD cards
  • Shrink SD Cards and images to clone to smaller cards

System Requirements

  • MacOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14
  • SD Card
  • SD Card reader
  • Internet connection is required to verify your license key

Choosing SD Clone

  • SD Clone Standard
  • $39.99
  • Clone to SD cards

    Save image of SD Cards

    Clone image files to multiple SD cards

    Verify SD cards

    Shrink file system for cloning to small SD cards

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  • SD Clone Pro
  • $99.99
  • All features of SD Clone Standard

    Restore image to multiple SD cards concurrently

  • Buy Now

Download SD Clone 3 for a fully functional 7-day evaluation. Purchase from the SD Clone 3 Trial app or from the links above. Purchase of SD Clone 3 Pro includes one year of maintenance and support.

Technical Support

Explore the FAQ’s, videos and support articles in the SD Clone Knowledge Base, ask a question our Forum or contact us for help

SD Clone News & Tips

Update from SD Clone Beta

Created OnNovember 30, 2017Last Updated OnOctober 23, 2020byTimo If you are receiving the dialog box from SD Clone show below that says “Beta Period Ended,” consider the following options. Current customers can download the most recent version of SD Clone here: If you are currently using a free or trial version, you can update to a…


Detect Counterfeit SD Cards with SD Clone 3

Counterfeit SD Cards are a widespread issue (see this article from EE Times,) and can be very hard to detect right away. The counterfeiters depend on it taking a while for you to figure out the cards have issues, and by that time, they have closed up shop and moved on. The only comprehensive way…