XCreds Version History

Change Log

Version 4.1 Build 6375

Released 2024-03-13
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  • Customization of menu
  • Cloud + Active Directory
  • SMB share mounting
  • Admin removal
  • Other features and fixes

Version 4.0 Build 6274

Released 2024-02-05

  • Select Existing User Account During Account Creation
  • Allow Admin to Reset User Password at Login
  • Key Combination for Showing Standard and Mac Login Window
  • Account Alias
  • Saving Groups to Account Attributes
  • CreateAdminIfGroupMember Checked At Each Login
  • Add Arbitrary Claims to Local DS User Account
  • Refactored Preferences for ROPG
  • Allowed Users
  • Other New Features and Fixes

Version 3.2.1 Build 6002

Released 2023-12-19

Fix an issue when entering a login password that can cause the last character to not be captured when typing very quickly and hitting return right away.

Version 3.2 Build 5197

Released 2023-10-12

  • Support for Okta ROPG
  • New preference key to force local login: shouldPreferLocalLoginInsteadOfCloudLogin
  • New preference key show login window based on detecting network status: shouldDetectNetworkToDetermineLoginWindow
  • Added self healing for auth rights
  • Added support for keyboard nav for controls
  • Detect offline and automatically switch to local login
  • Remove trailing and leading spaces entered in username

Version 3.1 Build 5084

Released 2023-07-17
macOS 14 Sonoma support verified 2023-09-25

  • Active Directory Login
  • New Username and Password Window
  • Switch to Login Window at Screen Saver
  • Create Admin if Group Member
  • Kerberos ticket
  • Override Preference Script
  • Options for reset Keychain
  • Added shake to password field
  • Additional new keys

Version 3.0 Build 3607

Released 2023-04-19

  • Updated license
  • Fixed typo
  • Fixed issue with crash if time is too far off
  • Fixed regression for password change not capturing new password on Azure
  • Added trial license

Version 2.4

  • Added 802.1x support; added support for pref key for finding password based on type=password
  • Fixed changing wifi not dismissing dialog
  • Fixed issue with autorefresh
  • Added frontmost when prompting for keychain password
  • Fixed crashing issue due to null refreshview outlet
  • Fixed names and links in manifest
  • Tweaked text for user space refresh token window and added pref to show or hide
  • Updated sample config
  • Fixed focus issue
  • Fixed login window size and background image
  • Added in login window height/width min value of 100
  • Added key for customizing return to XCreds; added preference and ability to automatically refresh login window
  • Updated language on keychain option and added pref in manifest
  • Added remove keychain option

Version 2.3

  • Added more logging for id token
  • Removed progress screen overlay because it was hiding filevault
  • Added sub as local user account if other methods not available; added some additional logging
  • Removed test time
  • Fixed edge case when not showing xcreds login when logging out
  • Fixed shouldShowCloudLoginByDefault not working
  • Fixed timer issue
  • Removed show prefs menu
  • Implemented PasswordOverwriteSilent
  • Implemented KeychainReset
  • Added credit to script
  • Added startup script
  • Username hint was not being set
  • Renamed mapped prefs with a prefix
  • Changed case of keys
  • Made keys lowercase for mappings
  • Added new key for OIDC mapping

Version 2.2

Added mappings for user info

Version 2.1

Initial release