SD Clone 3

SD Clone 3 has some awesome new features and I wanted give an overview of what it can do and some background on how those features came to be. New Feature 1: Image Central One of the common issues when someone gets a new Raspberry Pi is “What do I do with it now?” Image…


iBeacon enabling a native app

One of the cool ways that you can use iBeacons is to incorporate them into your native app so that a customer is engaged from the moment they enter your store. To demonstrate this, we created a sample app, released some sample code, created a tutorial, and even uploaded a video! Check them out at:…


Setting up a Geohopper notification

A quick video to show setting up a Geohopper notification when exiting a location. Tim shows how he sets up a trigger so his wife knows when he leaves the office. (Source:

Boot Camp on Large (3 TB+) drive with 10.8.3

With the release of 10.8.3, Apple has provided support for Boot Camp on 3 TB or larger drives. This is important because 3 TB drives are now becoming more common. They are still a build-to-order option on the iMac, and until the 10.8.3 update, it was not possible to use Boot Camp assistant on 3…


Using geohopper to notify folks on my way into Chicago.

Oh my. When I enter and exit a location with geohopper, my Internet bunny does this. Now I just need add a feature in the app for the karotz API keys and tag support.

tperfitt: I don’t know why this pleases me so, but every time someone that I’ve connected with on Geohopper enters or leaves a location, my giant flashing light on my desks goes off.