*IMPORTANT* There is a bug in Imagr that causes the autorun workflow to run the first workflow versus the one you specify. We have identified a fix and are currently testing. If you have more than 1 workflow and use autorun workflow, please update Imagr immediately. To do this, go to File->Clear Resource Cache in MDS. The next time you save, an updated version of Imagr will be downloaded that has the fix.

Current Beta

No beta at this time. Current version is 1.3.1. Please check back.

Change Log:


  • Change Disk Image Volume Name
  • Prompt and Set Computer Name
  • MDS Automaton Bootloader Command
  • Specify Package Folder
  • Customized Imagr serverurl
  • FileVault Support


  • Import/Export: Workflows can now be imported and exported.
  • Package Only Installs: If Install macOS is deselected, no OS upgrade or install will be performed, and Imagr will just install the specified packages.
  • Firmware Update Prompting: If firmware updates for the automaton are available, the user will be prompted when trying to configure the automaton.
  • Automaton DEP configuration mode
  • Automaton Boot to Recovery mode


  • New name: Mac Deploy Stick is now called MDS.
  • Per workflow macOS: Specify the OS in each workflow.
  • Packages & Apps: Apps placed in the Packages folder will be installed in the target Mac.
  • Scripts: Scripts can be added to a workflow to be run after packages are installed.
  • Upgrade macOS: If “Erase and Install” option is deselected, the target Mac’s existing OS will be upgraded with the specified macOS installer instead of being erased and replaced.
  • More Package Types: MDS now supports bundle package types (both pkg and mpkg).
  • Faster: When a workflow is run, the packages are installed faster.
  • Automatically Run Workflow: An option to have a specified workflow run automatically after the specified countdown.


  • Improved process for flashing Arduino
  • Fixed bug related to downloading resources


  • Create Workflows
  • Install Packages
  • Install macOS
  • Label Workflows
  • Automate Restores
  • Create Bootable macOS Volumes