How many events are displayed in the Timeline?

The Timeline displays 25 events that will “fall off” as new events are added. The Timeline is designed to aggregate and display events in reverse chronological order and uses relative time to make it easier to read event information. How can I delete events in the Timeline? To delete a Timeline event, slide across the…


Web Services

1. What is web service? Web service extends Geohoppers so that when you enter or exit a location, you can notify a web service. The web service can be your own or someone else’s web service. All that is required is a URL (like that accepts an HTTP post and does something interesting. 2….


List of Compatible Devices

– iOS 5.1, iOS6, iOS7, iOS8 – iPhone 3 – iPhone 3G – iPhone 4 – iPhone 4s – iPhone 5 – iPhone 5s – iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 plus – iPod 5th Generation – iPad2 – iPad3 – iPad Air – iPad Mini – iPad Mini Retina


IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, a website where you can build connections for triggering actions. Geohopper can be used in conjunction with IFTTT to automate a variety of actions based on enter and exit events. Please see the Geohopper product page for a video tutorial showing Geohopper and IFTTT in action!

My Beacon is not recognized

Please ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. You may need to remove and then re-insert your Beacon into its charging unit or your computers USB port. Please ensure your Beacon is running the latest firmware – the email you registered with our SDK program receives notifications of latest firmware updates.

My connections are not receiving notifications

Please ensure that your connection has first authorized your connection request via their email. You can remove the current request by visiting the Connections tab within Geohopper and then create a new connection request by entering the connections email address.

Adding Geohopper Beacon

To add a location to Geohopper, open Geohopper. On the Home screen, press New on the top right hand corner of the screen. Select Beacon. Geohopper will prompt you to plug in your beacon to start configuring. Next, plug your Beacon into a power source. Geohopper will recognize yourBeacon and display the name “Beacon” in…


Adding Basic Location

To add a location to Geohopper, open Geohopper. On the Home screen, press New on the top right hand corner of the screen. Select Map. Geohopper will automatically locate your current location. Next, select the Pin icon on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. A pin will be dropped to your current location….


Adding Connections

To add a Connection to Geohopper, open Geohopper. Select the Connections tab at the bottom of your screen. Next, select the invite more button on the top right hand corner. You can start typing the connections email address or use the + icon to select from your phones contacts. After hitting done, your requested connection…


Why is Geohopper asking for for access to my phone Contacts?

Geohopper asks for access to your iOS device Contacts for the convenience of selecting an existing email address from your Contacts when adding a new Connection. When creating the first Connection, Geohopper will request access to your iOS device’s Contacts. A dialog box will prompt you to select to allow or to not allow access…