Why you might need to remove the 9a Authentication Certificate

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UPDATE! Never version of this article can be found HERE.

Most Common Reason: Using the Bluetooth Reader with a different iOS device.

Many users who purchase a Twocanoes Bluetooth Smart Card Reader, do so because they would like to use the reader on both iPhone and iPad. If the user wants to make sure that the reader connects to a specific device, when multiple devices are in close proximity to the reader, they can remove the 9a certificate from the devices they do not wish to connect with.

Another Reason: Using multiple CACs on one iOS device.

Depending on which reader you may be using, you may notice a build-up of certificates in your Smart Card Utility if multiple people are utilizing your iOS device and Reader. If this is the case you may want to remove some of the inserted certificates so you don’t have to scroll through multiple 9a certs to get to your own.

How to remove the 9a certificate

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, please check out the link below to see a guide on how to remove a certificate in Smart Card Utility.