Newsletter Vol. 11

Hi! It’s Tim from Twocanoes Software.

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Winclone 6.0.3 Update
We released Winclone 6 in March with a bunch of new features and support for migrating Boot Camp to new Macs.  Apple announced new Macs at WWDC 2017 and customers are already using Winclone to migrate their Boot Camp partitions to them. We have released a few minor updates to Winclone 6, so if you have not upgraded to 6.0.3, you can do so right in the app (in the Winclone menu, select “Check for Updates…”). If you are still on an earlier version of Winclone, see the block below on a great deal for upgrading.

Deploy Boot Camp as a macOS Package
If you manage dual boot labs or deploy Windows to a large number of Macs, Winclone Pro has a great packaging feature. Deploy Windows simply by deploying a standard macOS installer package.  The package can create a new Boot Camp partition or install to an existing partition, and is simple to use.  Here are some knowledge base articles to learn more:

Deploy Windows 10 Winclone image with JAMF Pro / Casper
Deploy Boot Camp as a Package
Preparing Windows for Deployment with Winclone Pro

Use Coupon Code 2DEF85D4 and get 50% off any upgrade from a prior version of Winclone or edition upgrades (Basic to Standard or Standard to Pro).  Offer Expires July 7, 2017.

Get 50% off Winclone 6 Now

High Sierra (macOS) and 10.13 (iOS) Support
We are actively testing all of our iOS and Mac apps for compatibility and will be releasing a beta of Winclone soon with High Sierra support. It will be a free update to all Winclone 6 customers.

MDM Policy with iBeacons and JAMF Pro
Folks are doing some pretty interesting things with iBeacons, JAMF Pro and our BleuJSS iOS app.  We have summer camps disabling cameras when in range of beacons, printer configuration based on which beacon is nearby, and more.  If you want to try it yourself, get 20% off Bleu Station beacons at the Proxidyne Store using coupon code 58J4YCTBNDCY.  Follow the article hereto get going.

Penn State MacAdmins
Twocanoes Software is once again a proud sponsor of the Penn State MacAdmins conference.  If you are attending, be sure to stop by and say hello at our vendor booth.  The conference is again using our meetings service to send passes to Wallet on iOS.  If you haven’t created a pass for Wallet yet, definitely check it out.  You can send push notifications, dynamically update pass information, and much more.  You can also trigger lock screen messages from an iBeacon, which we will be using at the conference as well.

Blog Postings
Microsoft is making some pretty big changes with Windows 10, and we have been blogging about it (as well as other things):

Migrating Windows 10 Anniversary Edition to USB-C External SSD Drive from USB-C MacBook Boot Camp Partition

Winclone 6 and WIM (Windows Imaging Format) 

Windows 10 Creators Update and the Future of Windows

The Boot Camp Boot Process

Mass Deployment of Windows with Winclone 6

Updates to Support
We rolled out a great new way to get support from Twocanoes.  Head on over to our new Support Forums to ask any questions you may have.  We have also added in some great new knowledge base articles that cover troubleshooting to package-based deployment of Winclone images.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, feedback, or just want to say hi, follow me on twitter @tperfitt or just reply to this message.

Timothy Perfitt
Founder, Twocanoes Software