Re-Downloading a License Key

Looking to re-download your license key for any version of Winclone? If so, please visit Enter in the email you used to purchase your software and hit enter. A new download link and a link to access your license key will be emailed to you. Any problems? Email us at

Run CHKDSK on Boot Camp

As a maintenance practice, you should always run chkdsk in Windows prior to making a Winclone image, as well as when shrinking or expanding the Boot Camp file system. Chkdsk is an internal Windows maintenance utility that checks for disk errors and repairs bad blocks. Running chkdsk should be part of routine Windows maintenance. Follow…


How do I update to the latest version of Winclone?

From the Winclone main window, go to the Finder menu under Winclone and select Check for Updates To have Winclone automatically check for updates at every launch, go to the Finder menu and select Winclone -> Preferences and check the “Check for new version at startup” checkbox. Upgrade pricing is available here.

What’s new in Winclone 5

What’s New In Winclone 5 Winclone Backup for scheduled, incremental backup of Boot Camp user files Winclone Basic edition for simple, no-frills Boot Camp cloning Support for OS X Core Storage volumes Performance optimizations Updated user interface What’s new in Winclone 4 Real PC Migration Disk-to-disk direct migration Windows PC to Winclone Image Windows PC…


Obtaining a New Download or License Key of Winclone

If you’d like to obtain a new download or license key for any version of Winclone, please visit our redownloads page. On the page, type in the email you used to purchase Winclone and hit enter. A new link to download Winclone and a link to access your license key will be emailed to you. Any problems?…


Deploy Boot Camp as a Package

Introduction Using the installer package creation tool in Winclone Pro 4 and Winclone Pro 5, Boot Camp can be deployed to destination Macs using existing package deployment systems. A Winclone package will contain instructions to create the Boot Camp partition or to deploy to an existing Boot Camp partition. Winclone does not need to be…


Resize an Existing Boot Camp Partition

Overview The Boot Camp partition cannot be “dynamically” resized, unfortunately. At least not in a way that is safe, easy and reliable. There are third-party tools which allow resizing the Boot Camp’s NTFS partition, but these tools can cause instability or startup failure due to incompatibility with Apple’s GPT/MBR partition scheme.If your Boot Camp partition…


Running Winclone from the Command Line

Open Utilities-> Terminal to view the Winclone command line options by typing: /Applications/ Winclone Pro users should modify the path to be: /Applications/Winclone An examplecreate imagecommand sequence is: sudo /Applications/ -c -p /dev/disk0s4 -j /Applications/ -n ~/Library/Application Support/Winclone/license -o ~/Desktop/YourImage.winclone When creating the script, remember to give the file root ownership and set as…


Preparing Boot Camp for Imaging

Check Winclone Preferences: Before proceeding to create a Winclone image, make sure to go through the Winclone Preference settings to ensure that these settings are correct for your situation.  See the above FAQ for details about Winclone Preferences.     Run chkdsk: Often the Windows file system will need to have bad blocks repaired before an image…


Setting Winclone Preferences

In the Winclone Finder menu, select Preferences. Here you will find your license information as well as several default settings that apply to imaging and restoring processes. Check for new version at startup:Enabled by default. When imaging, remove pagefile and hibernate file from source to reduce image size:Default is “Never”. Windows keeps a large file…